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Danfoss FLX Pro 17K inverter

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Danfoss FLX Pro 17K

The Danfoss FLX inverters are the second generation of the three-phase inverters from the Danish company and are based on the tried and tested Danfoss TLX technology. The FLX inverter works - since it converts without a transformer - very effectively with a maximum efficiency of 98 percent and precise MPP tracking. Three MPP trackers ensure that up to three independently switched module strings can run at their optimum. The inverter can process up to 1000 volts system voltage. It also has a large MPP voltage range of 220–800 volts with asymmetrical connection.

The FLX inverter enables versatile system layouts and is suitable for small house systems as well as for large systems in the MW range. It has a stable die-cast aluminum housing. Its front cover enables both indoor and outdoor use.

The FLX series is compatible with the control elements of the Danfoss CLX series. The FLX inverter has an integrated web server for system controlling and monitoring. Thanks to the "Connectsmart" technology, the current operating data of the system can be called up on the smartphone.

The integrated Adaptive Consuption Control (ACC) ensures a high proportion of self-consumption thanks to consumption-optimized feed-in management. Another advantage is the Dynamic Power Distribution (DPD), which ensures dynamic load distribution to the individual power units. The FLX Pro automatically recognizes how much power is required per input.
Amount phases 3
Nominal AC power (W) 17000
DC voltage range (V) from 200
DC voltage range (V) until 800
Maximum input current (A) 3
Amount MPP Tracker 3
Euro efficiency in % 97
C ° working temperature range from -25
C ° working temperature range until 60
Interfaces Ethernet / RS 485
Transformer no
Display LCD, 4 lines
Width (mm) 500
Height (mm) 667
Length (mm) 233
Weight (kg net) 39
Standard manufacturer warranty (years (opt)) 5
Protection class (EU) IP 65
Amount DC inputs 3
DC Connection SUNCLIX

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