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Repair of SolarMax TS inverters

Repair and service for SolarMax central inverters of the TS series

The inverters of the Solarmax TS series have rated outputs of 50, 80 and 100 kW and work in the MPP range from 430 to 800 V. The European efficiency has increased from 94.8 to 95.5 percent and the permissible ambient temperature range by five degrees increase. A processor monitors the IGBT switches on the power section, which increases operational safety and reliability. The electrolytic capacitors were replaced by foil capacitors.

Comprehensive services for SolarMax TS central inverters with a 24-month warranty*

The product overhaul and repair of SolarMax TS central inverters provides that not only defective components are exchanged or repaired, but the entire inverter is subjected to a comprehensive product overhaul. You send us your defective SolarMax TS central inverter and receive it back in an overhauled condition.

Our special service for solar installers & solar park operators

We also offer a special service for operators of large solar parks and service companies for solar systems. We also support you in the event of defective central inverters - and that after internal testing for many of the leading manufacturers. Costly repowering can therefore be dispensed with for the time being, while at the same time you can significantly extend the service life of your solar systems.

Have your central inverter repaired by our expert staff at fair prices - so that you can continue to operate your system with it in the future. For detailed project coordination, we ask you to contact our team in advance:

Phone: +4906181-95404200
Email: service@bvs-cnc.de

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